Maintenance / Service

Food Processing, Dairy Solutions & Automation – We’ve got you. Yes Electric Inc. technicians are here to provide energy efficient and logical solutions to help you maximize the cost effectiveness of your facility.

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  • Safety: A controlled environment, less debris on the job site
  • Reduced interference with other trades
  • Manpower levelling: Smoother flow of work
Job Tasking
  • Safety: A controlled environment, less debris on the job site
  • Reduced interference with other trades
  • Manpower levelling: Smoother flow of work
Value Engineering (VE)
  • Our Project Manager reviews each job with the foreman during the tasking process in order to find and offer VE opportunities to the customer
  • New methods allow for smoother job flow
  • All apprentices go to 5 years of Bureau of Apprenticeship approved training
  • All foremen attend monthly training classes on leadership and productivity
Project Managers (PM)
  • Project Managers will be on site every day ensuring productivity and providing support to Foremen
  • Project Managers ensure you look good to your customer/supervisor
Project Coordinators
  • Provide all the clerical support to PML’s ensuring the PM’s on-site management of the Yes Electric team
  • Improved, timely, consistent paper flow from submittal to close-out of your job
  • All employees wear uniforms consisting of company issued shirts, along with jeans, steel toed boots and Yes Electric Incorporated hard hats at all times
Human Resources
  • Our HR department runs a continuous recruiting and hiring process with assistance from IBEW Local 38 in order to find the most qualified employees in the industry, those who best fit our culture of professional service and dedication./li>

Business With Integrity

Yes Electric has never failed to complete the performance of a contract. We are dedicated to hiring the most qualified individuals. We offer consistent and on-going education to our staff, so we will remain current with all industry standards, ensuring you receive the best quality service.

Our outstanding safety rating has enabled us to offer competitive pricing by keeping insurance premiums low; as well as offering the safest environment for your site.

Our quality is always top priority. Our numerous repeat customers and business contacts are a testimony to our service, ensuring we maintain an excellent reputation.