On The House

One point made in Our Mission statement is, “to be an asset in the community in which we are located.”

We Want To Help.

To fulfill this part of our own business model, we are asking for referrals to individuals who need some electrical work completed that is either a safety hazard or a project that would enhance their security. For example, an outside light not working, a doorbell not working, fuses or breakers being overloaded within the electric panel. The individuals we are looking for would not be able to have the electrical completed due to some form of hardship or an inability to pay.

On the 7th day of every month, we will select at least one individual to happily extend our service to free of charge. We will then notify the person or persons who made the On the House referral and proceed from there. The names of the individual(s) being introduced to our On The House mission will be kept in the strictest confidence at all times.

Please send a brief explanation of who you would like to see helped and what they need. You may use the contact form on our website or you may email us at hello@yeselectricinc.com.

Be sure to leave your full name and a number where you can be reached, as well as, the name and electric issue(s) of the person you are referring.

so you can be by their side.

By Your Side is a non – profit organization that takes away a parent’s painful dilemma of having to go to work and leave a dying child alone or stay with the child and lose everything.

Located in Brunswick Ohio, ByYourSide founders, Dave and Michelle Murrell, were struck with the painful realization of the pain and suffering that families of dying children have to endure when they have to be away from the child.

Once a family learns that the doctors have done all that they could do and tells them, ”take your child home and make them as comfortable as possible” we step in and fund their living expenses so they can remain by their child’s side day and night.

We find families that have children that are dying. The hospitals have stopped treatment and told them just go home, get your affairs in order and give them the best most comfortable lifestyle you can. These families we work with can’t afford to stay with the child through the whole end process of dying. These families have already been financially torn apart with years of hospitalization, medical bills, travel expenses, missing work and trying to spend time with them in the hospital.

By the time the devastating reality that the child is going to pass away becomes a reality, the families are already in such a financial bind that their one paycheck away from losing all of their valuable possessions, including their home.

To give the families a peace of mind and afford them the ability to stay at their child’s side, we replace their working income.

For more information, visit ByYourSideNow.org

Business With Integrity

Yes Electric has never failed to complete the performance of a contract. We are dedicated to hiring the most qualified individuals. We offer consistent and on-going education to our staff, so we will remain current with all industry standards, ensuring you receive the best quality service.

Our outstanding safety rating has enabled us to offer competitive pricing by keeping insurance premiums low; as well as offering the safest environment for your site.

Our quality is always top priority. Our numerous repeat customers and business contacts are a testimony to our service, ensuring we maintain an excellent reputation.